This next week is known as Golden Week in Japan, where a bunch of national holidays are piled in one week. Many Japanese people take this opportunity to travel, return to their hometowns, or just relax. Unfortunately this makes it one of the most inconvenient times to travel around Japan. Trains are crowded, tickets are impossible to get, hotel prices skyrocket. Last Golden Week, I went to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau to escape the madness, but this year, Nark&Co. are coming to visit me (since I have steadily used up my paid vacation)! Wish us luck–hopefully we don’t get crushed or lost or separated.

I’ve been having too much fun recently. First Dan visited, then Joanna&Matt, and now Nark& Co.! I guess in between was the (disastrous) 5km run, but I shall delve into that another time–it certainly deserves its own post!