I signed my decision to not re-contract (meaning, I’m going back to California in July/August!) and it was a little strange, not just because I couldn’t yet quite grasp that this time next year, I wouldn’t be here, but because my life has felt like one huge transition. From high school to college, then college to working, then going to Japan (which was basically like a two year break from life!), then what? I don’t know what’s next and it scares me a little, but in my short 25 years of living, God has shown me that He is faithful and as life gets harder, it also gets better.

In other news, I was in southern Taiwan over winter break, for a gloriously warm two weeks. It made me want to shake all the people in Taiwan who were wearing their bright, puffy, Uniqlo jackets and say, “ARE YOU CRAZY. IT’S 20°C OUT YOU FOOLS.” But then I watched this thing about how LA-ers are, similarily, freaking out about “cold” weather, and I thought, that was me once. So, Taiwanese people, please wear those puffy jackets to your heart’s content. I promise I won’t judge you.