So I thought my dentist adventures in Japan were over.

I thought wrong.

I knew I had a cavity (and maybe more!), so I popped over to another dentist (the one that took out my wisdom tooth said that she doesn’t do cavities) who promptly filled the first cavity he found.

“You have a lot of plaque build-up,” he said in Japanese (I’m guessing. I didn’t know what he said, but based on his gestures, this is what I surmised). “You need to come back for a cleaning.”

Okay, I thought. No big deal. Just one more time.


Apparently, the way they do cleanings in Japan is they first clean your top teeth. This is appointment number one. Then they clean your bottom teeth. Appointment number two. THEN they clean your gums. Appointment number three.

My mind was blown. Why wouldn’t you just do it all in one go? I asked my friend who had teeth cleaning done here, and he said that he went through the exact same thing, except he refused to get his gums cleaned, because it was such a hassle.

Sigh. Three more dentist trips.