I think I may have mentioned it here, but I have a serious obsession with onigiri (rice balls wrapped with roasted seaweed stuffed with random things). There’s this cute little shop near my place that makes onigiri as well as different salads, fried foods (the Japanese are so good at deep frying things!), and other take out foods. Even though I’ve lived here for a year, today was the first day I stepped in, lured by the promise of a tofu lunch that Alex told me about.

Unfortunately the tofu had sold out by the time I got there, but the two older ladies running the place were very sweet and patient with me as I agonized over what to get. I originally hadn’t planned on getting an onigiri, but when I was paying I couldn’t resist and asked for one, apologizing as I did so. This earned a chuckle from both ladies as they reassured me. I will definitely be back (so thanks Alex!), because I really want to try the tofu now.

This is my favorite part of Japan: being able to be a part of everyday life.