On Saturday, I went to the hospital to see a dentist, because the first dentist I went to said he couldn’t do big surgeries, which I need since my wisdom teeth are impacted (alas!). I couldn’t navigate the big bureaucratic mess that is a Japanese hospital (need to study more!), PLUS I had my first experience getting my ear bled.

…I was so confused when the dentist asked me to get some blood tests, so imagine my shock when the technician cheerfully informed me after drawing blood from my arm that it was my ear’s turn. What? When I told her, my grandma immediately said, they’re getting your blood type. I asked my coworkers, and they immediately said the same thing. So, now I have learned. Blood types are immensely important and it must be read from your earlobe blood.

Of course, now I am super worried! Why would they need my blood type unless they’re preparing for an EMERGENCY BLOOD TRANSFUSION.

I kid. Somewhat.

Actually, I hope that they are testing for my blood type because I don’t know what it is! I know, shocking. Gets my students every time.

ALSO. In Japan, they take out one wisdom tooth at a time. NO EXCEPTIONS. No knocking out.


In other news, I made soba noodles from scratch today!

…okay, so really, I watched the instructor correct my mistakes and shape the soba noodles himself. I cut it myself! But they’re too thick…it’s hard to cut it thinly. Sadness. (I had a similar experience making pottery at Mashiko Town. Every time he checked on my pottery, he would say, arararararara, which is oh my oh myohmyohmyohmy. oh. my.)