My first meal in Japan was tsukemen–a cold noodle you dip into a sauce. Delicious!

Next, my first meal in my city…drumroll please…SUSHI! Yum.

I also did indigo dying for the first time! You first tie or sew parts of the cloth you want to keep white to make a pattern. Marbles and rubber bands are used to ensure that dye doesn’t get in! Then you dip the cloth into clear water, then a purply blue goop, then you rinse. When you get home, you have to make a vinegar water solution to let the excess bleed out. My feet and sandals were spotted blue for a while (not my hands because I wore gloves)… and I’m scared to use the cloth because everytime I touch it, my hands turn blue!


I put up a picture of the finished cloth maybe…mine wasn’t that pretty. We also ate an amazing bento. Look!


After that, I went to Denny’s with one of my teachers! Denny’s and Coco’s are considered “family restaurants” here in Japan. I thought it was hilarious that we went to Denny’s for dessert. This Denny’s is pretty close to my place. They sell ramen!


After that, we went to conquer a cockroach at my friend’s place. We bought this trap for it called Gokiburi Hoi Hoi. It has a white picket fence and even a mat for the cockroach to wipe his feet!


In the end, the cockroach (or gokiburi) was too smart for the house. My friend ended up vacuuming (or as he would say, “Hoovering”) it. To celebrate, we went to our first sushi-go-round! Mmmmm.


Sorry all my posts are about food…actually I think this blog will mostly be about food for the next year.