Actually, a little over, and this post is long overdue. Better late than never?

I have settled in the sense that I have a routine down, people I hang out with, a church I go to, and means of transportation. I am not lost when I go to the grocery store or the train station. I still cannot quite communicate, but that is entirely my fault, because I don’t dare to risk sounding like a fool when I open my mouth. It’s ironic, because in class, we tell the students that mistakes are okay, that as long as they try, we will be pleased. I mean, how else are you going to get better at a language?

(D asked me if I have found purpose here. I didn’t know how to answer that.)

August was a blur of activity, orientation, people, parties. I’ve never been so extroverted in my entire life. (At school I think to myself, I’ve never been so interesting or popular in my entire life.

When I told Jess R. that I ride a bike to school, she, jokingly I think, told me that it was like I’ve become a different person. In some ways, this is true. It’s like college–you take this chance to be a new you, except, you still want to be you–a better you, if you will.

I haven’t really changed that much. Or at all.)

The first weekend, I went to a fireworks festival with a bunch of other JETs. (It took me three hours to get there and I didn’t even travel outside the prefecture. It lasted over an hour, and afterward, I experienced my first sardine train, in which I was pressed up against several extremely sweaty Japanese schoolgirls and old men. One old man, in an effort to protect his granddaughter, had his elbow jabbing into my side. I would’ve fallen, except, there was nowhere to fall.)

It was really beautiful.

More to come.