In the past one and a half weeks, I’ve visited Google a grand total of…drumroll please…three times! I am going to visit again tomorrow. Visiting Google is like being in college again with campuses, dorm food, people sunbathing everywhere… I suppose if you had to ease yourself into the work world, Google would be a nice inbetween.

I have to admit, it’s a rather (super!) painful drive down, but the perks are quite nice–microkitchens everywhere you look, bikes galore, even a photobooth! When we visited yesterday, Philip thought he was at Disneyland.

“I want to ride on that,” he said, after Jess and Nark introduced us to a formidable slide that spanned two floors. He rode on it twice (but to be fair, we made him go the second time because Nark wanted to take a picture of him).