This morning, I drove to work with my windows down, and as luck would have it, got wedged between two trucks at a standstill complete with a row of trashcans to my side. Before I could finish rolling up my windows, I caught more than a whiff of exhaust and trash.

They say smell is your strongest association of memory, and this smell made me think of Taiwan. More than that, it made me long for old summers there.

It’s not so much the place as what our situation is when we’re there. When we’re there, it’s not just my immediate family, it’s my extended family, spanning different generations. We’re forced to be together, because we only have one car, and that one car isn’t enough to cater to all of us. And even though they’re crazy and annoying, I would give anything to have such a summer again, just to be with my family. Stuck in sticky humidity, in a tiny apartment, getting on each other’s last nerve.

I’m glad we (Nark and I) taught my mom how to use video chat. I wish my dad would get a new computer too. I can’t imagine how lonely he must be.