Nark, Jwoo, and I trekked out to Bay Street to watch an afternoon showing of Morning Glory (finally! after a week of thwarted attempts, but you know what?). It was worth the money to see it in theaters (though I did use and the Chase Freedom BOGO…).

Okay, so I may be biased because of my unadulterated adoration/love for Rachel McAdams, but seriously, this movie exceeded my expectations (which, admittedly isn’t hard to do; plus I had them set low with the lukewarm reviews and all). It’s not a romantic comedy (yay!) and it centers a lot on the nature of work and relationships with coworkers, friends, etc. I feel like most of the characters were easy to relate to, the epiphany scenes weren’t overdone or overly dramatic/corny. It was just a fun, feel good film. With Rachel McAdams.

Seriously, y’all should watch it. You’ll love Rachel McAdams too.

I mean, look at her! How could you resist! She’s so cute.