I apologize in advance for this extremely materialistic post. I’ve been shopping too much online… also, I’ve been perusing fashion/lookbook type of blogs. I promise I will stop. In the meantime, here are a list of things that I now want:

  1. leather booties. Something like this.
  2. slouchy sweater. In all colors. Knits and cable acceptable.
  3. this exact shirt. and this one.
  4. a sequined cardigan.
  5. a navy blazer. Maybe a little longer than this one.
  6. a light trench coat. or a military jacket.
  7. belts. all sorts.
  8. jewelry, but especially fun rings. Like this!
  9. dark flats.
  10. fun colored tights. except not really.

Okay I am done. This will not happen again. I promise.