After a couple of blinks, my eyes adjust to the blinding white light of the opened church doors. It’s not just a little cliché, but it still manages to tug at (everyone’s) heartstrings when Jen steps through the streaming light. The congregation rises and turns; she disappears from sight. I know I shouldn’t look at Peter, but I sneak a glance and almost choke on the emotion that rises through my throat. I am composed thereafter, but when they step toward Jen’s parents with the flowers in their arms and an embrace, I look up at the ceiling because I can hear Jen’s mom talking with Peter. As we turn to mimic their direction toward Peter’s parents, Alice leans over to me, tears streaming down her face. “Oh, I’m such a mess,” and I can’t even nod, because any moment now, my face will look like hers.

I think this is fairly obvious, but I’ll say it anyway—it was a beautiful wedding and I am so blessed to not just share in this celebration, but to see them progress in this next life stage.

Congratulations Jen&Peter! I love you both so much. I’m so glad that God put both of you in my life!

*Photo courtesy of Jenn P.