And it messed with my mind.

I suppose I could go into how I’d have liked Ariadne’s (Ellen Page) question about whether they are destroying parts of a person’s mind when they kill people in the dream explored a bit further; or how I felt the struggle between Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his wife  toward the end of the movie was anti-climatic to me; or if someone could explain limbo to me clearer–?

But it would be arbitrary chatter at this point. The movie played like a dream for me, and in that way succeeded in making me overthink and mull in my insomnia last night. Mal, particularly was fleshed out in my thoughts where she wasn’t in the movie (to be expected, since she wasn’t supposed to be a real person, but it didn’t help that my overactive imagination filled holes on its on accord).

In any case, it messed with my mind. Enough said.