It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. With the school year coming up, new roommates, weddings, car maintenance, future-deciding, and more!–I’ve been feeling a little more than confused and dazed. Yes, more dazed, I feel as though I’ve been sleep-walking through life. So I don’t feel pressured or stressed. Just, dazed. As though a third person observer, except it’s my first person.

(I classify this as real life because not-real life is this: the internet; this hazy space that doesn’t seem to have a place in reality. Where I go to squander oodles of time and energy. I don’t wonder that I’m tired all the time.)

I went to Alli&Alex’s wedding this weekend and it was so much fun. Something that Alex said that caught my attention was that he wanted the wedding to be a taste of what it would be like in heaven. The celebration, the joy, etc. Fellowship amongst believers. I thought that was beautiful.