I do love the feeling of dark, smudgy pencil on my eyes and the black globs of mascara weighing down my eyelashes. Eye make-up is supposed to make your eyes look bigger, and I definitely notice the difference. I also have a weakness for eye brighteners, because I have horrible, horrible dark circles, so I always make sure to dab white or beige eyeshadow in the corners of and under my eyes. It’s supposed to make you appear more awake, you see.

The inconvenient thing about having eye make-up on is not being able to rub my eyes. I’ve never noticed how much I rub them until I can’t. Sometimes I can’t help it–my hand makes an indiscreet sweep and then it’s as if a kindergartener took a crayon to my face. It doesn’t help my dark circles either. And having to remove the make-up is just giving me more fine lines. They’re getting deeper and deeper. Still, I can’t let go of my eye pencils and mascaras. You can’t win ’em all I guess.

(Yes, I am also not quite sure what the point of this post was.)