Despite the freezing conditions yesterday, Jeanette and I went on our customary weekly “run”. Before we left, she told me that Jen Lin had expressed surprise upon knowing that we drove to the track.

But she drives to the track, I insisted.

Not anymore, was Jeanette’s answer.

Not to be outdone, we opted to walk. It hadn’t been even 10 minutes when Jeanette noticed the track. Is that it? we both strained to see beyond the tall bushes concealing what would indeed be the track.

I don’t need to tell you how foolish we felt after that. We’re never going to drive there again!

I must confess though, we only ran about one and half laps. We consoled ourselves with the fact that we had walked to the track. That’s pretty much three laps right? Jeanette is even more optimistic–she’s counting it as four.