Jen lent me the first 14 episodes of Glee, and I’ve been obsessively watching for the past week. The storyline is frustratingly dramatic and annoying most of the time, but the singing is good, and it makes me nostalgic for my choir experiences in high school. I think the characters who the writers put a lot of thought into are well thought out and believable, but it’s a shame they don’t put that same thought into all the characters (Mike Chang, other football guy, etc).

However, there’s only one character that I really, really care about.

This is Quinn Fabray, portrayed by Dianna Agron. She’s not the best singer on the show, her character’s not very nice, but you can’t help but feel for this girl. Her bad choices, her heartbreak, the decisions she has to make–it’s not something you’d expect out of a high school cheerleader.

I don’t know what else I can say about her without giving the storyline away, except that I love this character. She tugs at my heartstrings.