Dan and I went to Disneyland last weekend, and wouldn’t you know, his favorite ride is “It’s a Small World”! I haven’t been on “It’s a Small World” since I was a little girl, so I thought I might as well, seeing as I don’t know when the next visit to Disneyland will be. The ride is supposed to depict peoples from all over the world, so naturally, mermaids were represented.

Americans were also represented…as cowboy hillbillies.

Dan and I both lamented the fact that the Asian portion of the ride didn’t seem as well thought out as the other countries. But we didn’t have to worry, because a short walk away, out in Downtown Disney, we were greeted with a slew of Asians waiting in line in front of The House of Blues.

Why is that you ask? Well because the Wondergirls were playing that night! If you have to ask who the Wondergirls are, please youtube Wondergirls and Nobody. Thank you very much.