Context: Our booth was situated across a whole slew of Chinese vendors. Yes, quite unfortunate circumstances.

Convo #1

Attendee: So where are you guys located?
Me: We’re across the Bay from San Francisco.
Attendee: Where are your products made?
Me: California.
Attendee: No, I mean your products.
Me: …California.
Attendee: No, this little box right here.
Me: …California.
Attendee: Not China?
Me: …no. California.

Convo #2

Attendee: My, your English is very good!
Me: (Yes sir, I grew up in California.) Well, we are located in California.
Attendee: No kidding!
Me: (No kidding, indeed.)

Convo #3

Attendee: If you guys are from California, how come all of you are Asian?
My coworker: Have you been to California? Do you know how many Asians there are?

On a side note, at least I got to eat at the Bellagio buffet.