Last night, Thomas came early for small group, so we decided to watch TV. The previous night, I had watched The Best Thing I Ever Ate, which is decidedly the best show on Food Network!! with Jeanette and Dan. I was telling him about what a wonderful show it was that I couldn’t resist flipping the channel to Food Network.

“Oh, it’s already on Food Network,” I said, when I pressed the numbers.

Except, nothing happened. The television mockingly blinked at us: No signal.

You can imagine (or maybe not) my outrage and heartbreak at this.

“Well maybe we can come back to it and it’ll work,” Thomas tried to reassure me, but I would not be consoled. Perhaps it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, because no matter how many other channels we flipped to, the dreaded black screen of death stared straight at us.

(I guess it’s not that bad. I don’t think we ever paid for the Food Network, and I can always watch TV on my lovely new laptop, courtesy of Dan [thank you!], but Food Network doesn’t broadcast their shows online. At least, not legally…)