Except, it was a real deer. And I don’t know what it was caught in.

I’m used to driving with deer; they’re all over and around the hills where I used to live. Normally, they’ll prance alongside cars unwittingly and disappear into a grove of trees. Or a field.

I didn’t think I’d see deer again after moving down the hill, near things like Bart and civilization in general, but as I was driving to work this morning, something sprang out of the side street, directly into the car in front of me.

My first instinct would have been to slam my brakes, but it was so surreal that I thought, it must be my imagination. So I kept driving, because the car in front of me kept driving. I noticed it limping and thought, oh my goodness, is that a kid? and the car in the lane next to mine screeched to a halt. I kept going, I didn’t know what else to do. When I finally drove past it, I saw it was a deer. A small one, a baby, I could tell, because the adults were normally much bigger, and the males had antlers that could take both your eyes out.

It trembled in its place, limping in the middle of the street, while cars all around it stopped and stared. Even the car in front of me that had hit it pulled over. Unsure of how to proceed from here. Caught (stuck) in a moment.