Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take Justine to all the places I listed in the previous post, because we waited almost two hours! for our Ike’s Sandwiches. They were good, but not good enough for the wait. I should’ve called in first. And then when we went to Bi-Rite, the line stretched farther than the line at Ike’s! I was astounded. The previous times I had come, I hadn’t had to wait at all. We were so sick of lines that we opted to not get ice cream (too full from the sandwiches anyway). Bi-Rite added a soft serve counter that featured a couple of baked goods, so I got in line for that and bought Jen a blueberry almond cake. (I had originally wanted the pear almond, but he misheard me and gave me the blueberry. No matter, it was moist and delicious!) By that time, both of us were tired, and Justine absolutely refused to walk to Dynamo Donuts. I was both relieved and disappointed, but next time, I suppose. We stopped by Tartine, but the line for that was monstrous too. So Justine took me to this cookie place that specializes in, ahem, “special” cookies. I will spare you, but I personally found it amusing.

In other news, tomorrow is free pastry day at Starbucks if you purchase a drink, and free ice cream day at Ben&Jerry’s!