It’s something I’m working on in real life, that is, thinking before I speak. I don’t think before I post, but I let it sit for some time before I actually hit publish. Thus, there are a multitude of posts that have been discarded. Some of them do go somewhere, others I delete altogether. (Sometimes I regret deleting them.)

What’s worse is when I have a sudden thought in my head and I think, oh I really want to share this, but when I go to type it down, the thought has long flown. So the more interesting question is, where do those go? and, can I go there too?

(I suppose the answer is no, because if you could go there, I wouldn’t be writing this.)

So this is a disclaimer of sorts, I suppose, that this is not really me you’re reading, rather, this is who I want you to think I am.

This is my 100th post on this blog; a¬†milestone in a blog’s life.