It’s the same everyday–you’re sitting in front of your old, clunky laptop, pressing refresh, refresh, refresh, thinking, hoping there’s something new in your inbox, anything, or visiting the same blogs, clicking on link after link after link.

Daydreaming to your heart’s content, when you should really be doing work, because oh, here comes your boss, alt+tab alt+tab alt+tab, furiously typing nonsense and deleting it.

Thinking, oh one day I will do this, and this and this, and this, but no, you won’t, you really won’t, because you lack the conviction, the heart, you’re all talk and no substance, because you’re just bored, not quite discontent. It’s not enough to begin to change.

This is the disease that plagues our generation (or perhaps I am being too melodramatic, maybe this is something that just plagues me), this disease of boredom, of mediocrity, because we’re okay with it. (We don’t know it, but it kills, slowly, by turning our hearts to stone. What’s even worse is when we can’t feel it, because at that point, you’re not really living.)

Please excuse me, Wednesday is, after all, the hardest day of the week. (But it’s Thursday now, and I’m reminded that God is here, and God was there, even on, especially on Wednesday.)