I was reading Bon Appetit at Mel’s yesterday (and lamenting the fact that I no longer lived with Jenn–ah, those were the days when I could lounge around and read Bon Apetit and Gourmet to my heart’s content–except Gourmet is now defunct; so sad!) when I came upon the Letters to a BA foodie section. There was a letter from a girl who felt that people were going overboard with taking photos of their food in restaurants. Enough is enough I think she said, and I laughed to myself, because if I had a camera I totally would do that. Even the BA foodie was sympathetic to the wannabe foodtographers, admitting that he was part of the masses (though I thought to myself, if anyone had the right to do it, it would certainly be the BA foodie! Yes? No? Yes.) and merely suggesting that we do it as quickly as we could and without flash, so we could do what we were there to do–enjoy a meal!

Although I don’t have a camera, Nark does (and believe me, she does enough picture taking for the two of us), and being just a little obsessed with food, we joined the masses of food blogs out there. If you are curious, please click here to visit!