(Or Mardi Gras, if you will.)

It’s definitely the culmination of having Valentine’s Day, Chinese/Lunar New Year (yes, must be pc here), and President’s Day (meaning an extra day off!) all in one weekend. You see, during Valentine’s Day, there’s always a plethora of chocolate. Never mind that it’s not cheaper, there’s just so much more! And it’s pink! Who can resist pink packaging! I know I can’t.

During Chinese New Year, our moms and grandmas go a little crazy. Let me explain.

Yes. This is roughly 2/3rds the food that we had Sunday night.

They think they have to feed you because you obviously haven’t eaten all year long and you HAVE to eat everything because you’ll DIE otherwise, and so on and so forth.

(Plus, last week, Thomas, Ed and I went a little crazy with donut eating. Yes, we are fat.)

Thus, I think that this year in particular, Mardi Gras came at an appropriate time.