It’s like I never left in the first place.


In many ways, last semester seems so long ago. The trials, the struggles, the triumphs, the joys, have all faded. It begins fresh, it begins anew. Each day is made new after all.

While this is true, I find that I really haven’t grown that much. Let me qualify that. I find that I’m just as much a sinner as I have always been.

But in these inadequacies, in these weaknesses, God speaks.


For example, I spent the bulk of my Monday night talking with one of my friends from my home church, answering his questions, challenging his thinking, encouraging him to initiate change.

I felt so discouraged, because he’s a high schooler and he has all these unanswered questions, he believed all these lies, and I thought to myself, why isn’t anyone shepherding him? Why isn’t he being fed? Why isn’t anyone listening? It broke my heart to talk to him, knowing my inadequacies, knowing that I couldn’t help him beyond what I said.

And yet, and yet, I could feel God tugging on my heart, and all at once, there was immense joy, because God is sufficient, God loves him and has him in His hands.

That’s more precious than anything.