It’s midday, but it’s still freezing and you realize (not for the first time) that you’ve not worn nearly enough. The cold persists when you are inside, when your friend asks you if you think the a/c is on and you say no, but you agree that the cold is to your bones.

Though actual temperature might not do with the intense cold you feel at all when you walk into your supervisor’s office, nor the intense cold afterward, and you think, maybe you ought to cry; tears at least, will be warm for a while.

Pride persists, so you don’t cry. Selfishness persists further, so you cry injustice.

Then there is guilt, because really, what right have you to these things? None. At all.

If it were really this dramatic, I would stab myself. I have a flair for it, the melodramatic.

It’s really not so bad. So I might stay an extra couple of days.

But I really am very sad. Makes me feel foolish about my previous post.