I’ll admit, I was a bit lost during today’s sermon, especially when Ted asserted that the nine lepers who didn’t come back to thank Jesus represented consumerism. I mean, I saw his point, but it seemed a stretch to attack consumerism, but maybe I just have to meditate on it a bit longer.

Consumerism, materialism, money have been on my mind for these past couple of days, because I am in the process of buying a new laptop. I was a little angry at myself for missing Best Buy’s Sony VAIO $399 deal, but not really, because I didn’t want such a big laptop. But it’s been an arduous process, because I’m loathed to part with any more money than I have to. I want to find the best deal out there and I confess, I am not just a little crazy.

Why does money do this to us? What am I going to do with the extra money anyway? I’d like to say that I want to be a good steward, and be responsible in terms of my dad’s financial situation, but deep down, I know the root is uglier and more twisted than that.