I enjoy reading writing by people I know, because you see things about them that you would normally never see. It’s at once surprising and intruding; I feel as though I’ve glimpsed into their souls. I suppose that is why I like to read blogs. The way a person writes, the topics they write about, the pictures they use all say something about them as people.

I’ve been thinking about this, because recently I’ve had to edit a number of things for people, from personal statements to college essays to just regular papers and business proposals. Personal statements are the best–people usually don’t like to talk about themselves, but they’re forced to. For me, it’s a glimpse into their mirror, who they see everyday, how they see themselves, how they make decisions, how they want to be.

(Sometimes when I read through certain pieces of writing, it seems almost tragic to me, but still beautiful and that’s exactly the kind of writing that breaks my heart and moves me; tragic, but beautiful. Mostly contemporary pieces, all structure and no plot. The shallowest sort of art, but also the most delicate.)