I’ve been thinking about traveling quite a bit, I suppose because I am going to Florida in a couple of days for a tradeshow, then going home for Thanksgiving.

I am quite scared actually, of the tradeshow, but the overwhelming feeling of relief and euphoria from knowing that I will be at home soon is making me quite giddy. That combined with Jen and Peter’s engagement. (You should’ve seen me at work. I was not just a little crazy.)

Over the weekend, Nark and I took Mel out to SF, and we took the bus instead of Bart. It wasn’t too bad, but I think because the company was good. Nark usually gets motion sickness, but she didn’t even complain during the whole bus ride and she hates buses! The whole time we were in SF, we pretty much just walked around, but it was so much fun (albeit, quite tiring; I’m so sore!) that I knew it didn’t matter whatever we did, so long as we were together.

The thought made me happy and grateful that God provides to us people, and I thought about all the times I’ve traveled. What was most fun was definitely being with people.

But then I thought about different places that I want to travel to that have nothing to do with people–like Japan, because I want to be fluent (and eat Japanese food. and buy cute things. Don’t mind me.). Or Europe, where I want to go to museums and experience culture (and eat some more food. Yes, food is consistently the prevailing thought in my mind).

Humans just want what they can’t have. The grass is greener on the other side, right?