I had to send out a press release for work today and in the process of researching blogs to send it to, I came across a scale that sends an update to Twitter each time you step on it! Talk about motivation! I wonder if people actually buy it.

There’s this toy to teach kids how to conserve energy–click! It’s an energy ghost! It gets angry when you leave it on for too long. Isn’t that cute?

I watched the last half of Coraline with Jeanette today; Jenn told me she really liked it, but I really didn’t. It was so strange! Too many points of tension and buildup of conflict and not enough satisfactory resolution. Maybe it was because I watched it with Jeanette, who was confused throughout the whole movie.

Maybe I should watch it again. Maybe I will have an affinity towards button eyes and spider legs and old women named Miriam who have really large bosoms.

Maybe not.