I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, ever since I chanced upon his blog a couple of months ago. I couldn’t believe how simple it was–just soy sauce, ginger, garlic, a little bit of sugar, cornstarch and chicken! Of course, with my mind on my cholesterol level all the time, it took me several tries to finally get something that resembled chicken karaage. The first couple of times, I was loathe to use thigh meat. What was worse, I didn’t use nearly enough cornstarch or oil for that matter, so it was just…stir fried chicken. It was good, but not karaage.

Tonight, I resolved to make it–I had originally wanted to make balsamic chicken, but Dan didn’t have chicken breasts, and more importantly he didn’t have balsamic vinegar. When I saw the thighs, I decided I would try to make karaage. Unfortunately I didn’t have the website open in front of me (though I’m sure Marc would have reassured me that it was okay since his blog is called No Recipes), so I made several mistakes. I didn’t let the chicken marinade first, so the cornstarch didn’t stick that well, so I added an egg, another mistake! But the end result was quite similar to what I had in mind was chicken karaage. It was delicious–I could’ve added more soy sauce, but I had added sesame oil, which is not traditional, but it made it really fragrant. (I also have not eaten chicken thigh in quite some time, so biting into the juicy, moist chicken was heavenly! Especially when I thought about my poor, dry chicken breast.)

Success! But I don’t think I will make it too often, because of, as I said before, my poor cholesterol.