One of the books I’m going through right now in my Bible reading is Genesis. I admit, it is hard for me not to get frustrated at the characters (from Abraham to Lot to Jacob); I just want to strangle them all when they do something incredibly stupid or heinous. For example, Abraham and Isaac both tell a king that their wives are their sisters–who does this?! Or Lot telling the people of Sodom that he will give up his daughters if they will just not touch the visiting angels. I’m disgusted and outraged even now, but then his daughters go and decide to sleep with him. I will stop, I think you get the point that I think they are all despicable. (Then I think about now, and we’re not much different are we.)

And yet, the beauty of human emotion really resonates throughout Genesis. Yesterday, Brian outlined the potential sacrifice of Isaac and I couldn’t stop the flow of tears that rushed to my eyes. The agony, the uncertainty Abraham must’ve felt. And did Isaac feel resigned? Did he struggle? And what would Sarah have done? But the utterly unfailing steps forward, because if Abraham stopped to think, he wouldn’t have been able to go through with it.

And God watching this, how did he feel, knowing that in a short time, he would do the same thing, except that no one would stop the hands that killed his son. How much more beautiful God’s emotion and God’s sacrifice.

Nothing can take me from your great love;
Forever this truth remains:
I belong, I belong to you.