Now that I don’t live with Jenn, I forget about seasonal food. Last year, Jenn was obsessed with pumpkins–we made pumpkin bread, pie, curry…we even had a kabocha sitting on the kitchen shelf.

I slept over at Mel’s last night, because we were going to meet up for breakfast. She’s really been craving pumpkin, so we made pumpkin pancakes. They were really delicious! I felt a little nostalgic, because it’s been a while since I’ve entertained cooking whims, now that I don’t live with Nark or Jenn.

I’m not sure if I miss it, but when I think about this, I feel old and boring. The last time I got excited was when we had that eggplant cook off. I have to cook with a theme to get excited?

I met up with Eva Thursday night and she told me that she came to the conclusion that she was no fun in college or high school for that matter. I thought about that, and I said that I wasn’t any fun either then, but I don’t regret the things I didn’t do. Life is complicated as it is, why put more burden on yourself to have to “be fun”?

…see what I mean? My pathetic effort at justifying my oldness and boring-ness.