It roughly translates to “just like this, is good enough.” That doesn’t really do it justice or convey the meaning I want it to. It’s interesting how certain languages are better at expressing certain things. Japanese is such a subtle language, laced with assumptions and inner meanings. Nothing is ever as it seems on the surface.

We like to hide behind subtleties, because we like to think we are more complicated and complex than we really are. When really, all we are are prideful little things that parade as big things, but it’s cool to be avant-garde. I don’t know if he coined it or not, but I was reading D.A. Carson and came across these words: the avant-garde Christian. I laughed; I’m sure D.A. Carson did too when he wrote those words, because there is no such thing.

25For the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 1 Corinthians 1:25

And yet, we continue to strive towards worldly wisdom. Humans are so, so foolish.

I am speaking on love on Friday; it’s ironic, because I struggle with love the most I think. I am learning a lot from 1 Corinthians; Paul is deliciously sarcastic, but it bites and stings, because I can hear him speaking to me.

The last post I said that God’s grace comes to us by unexpected means, but I am especially grateful that it comes through the expected means too. Phone calls (Narko) and ims (David, Jess, and Jenn) and surprise visits (Dan) and my small group! Thanks guys. I love and appreciate that God put you in my life.