Nark and I went to Fourth Street today in Berkeley just because. After we bought some lotion from Kiehl’s, we walked over to Sketch only to find Chocolatier Blue in its place. I did a double take, but it was true, Sketch was gone. We went in and bought three tarts: lemon meringue, hazelnut, and chocolate. I brought the lemon meringue one to Dan–he enjoyed it, but it was too much sweet and not enough lemon.


I went to their (Sketch’s) blog and saw that they hadn’t gone out of business, but had decided to close because they had a baby.

Nark and I looked at baby clothes for a while today at Target, because Dan’s sister is expecting really soon, due sometime around Thanksgiving. It’s so strange to hold baby’s clothes and shoes and socks, because they’re so tiny! How could a human being ever hope to fit in those things? But I suppose we all did at some point. (That’s what we must look like to God. Only smaller. Much, much smaller.

Yesterday, I helped to drive the freshmen small group up to Lawrence Berkeley Hall of Science, on the east side of Berkeley campus. It was high up and the sky was clear and filled with stars. It was as if the earth was reflected in the sky, from the city lights we could see below. The sparkle of cars flowing down the Bay Bridge. The steady flow of lights down University Ave.

I forgot who I said this to, but, “How small we are, how big God must be.”)