There’s this breakfast place on San Pablo and Schmidt that Jen introduced me to called Nibs. It’s a small cute diner, run by an equally cute Korean lady with braces. Her braces make me smile.

Mel and I went today and we shared the “Nature Omelette”–it was huge! We couldn’t finish it. It came with potatoes and canteloupe and English muffins. The muffin came buttered and we tried to eat it, but Mel couldn’t take it and asked for dry muffins instead. I felt guilty, so I put my buttered muffin away.

After prayer meeting, Dan, Jean, Joanna, Andy, and I went to Zachary’s. So delicious. They went rock climbing and I perused through Barnes and Nobles.

For dinner, Dan wanted to go to Taki, this small Japanese restaurant (also on Schmidt and San Pablo), but surprisingly, it was closed! I was disappointed because Taki is really good, clean and fresh–I saw my Japanese teacher there the last time we went, so you know it has to be good–real Japanese people and all.

We opted for Katana-ya, which was not great, but at least it was cheap. I had nori ramen and a negi hama roll. I should’ve known it would be too much food, but I couldn’t help myself in my hunger.

This is why you should never go out when you’re hungry. I always end up ordering way too much. My stomach is now a small round ball.

There’s something about bookstores, the mix of coffee smells and paper smells that makes me happy. The feel of clean, new, shiny books on your hands. The crisp black text on the page. The words that envelope you until you know nothing except the world in the book.

I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife finally. After I finished, I closed the book, went outside and sat for a long time (and tried not to cry).