1) Sucky roads.

University, how I hate you. Only two lanes and the roads may as well be unpaved! Do any sort of construction and all traffic ceases to move.

2) Pedestrians and bikers.

Pedestrians, please observe the blinking LED lights that tell you when you can go. Please and thank you.

Bikers, please stop biking.

3) Parking

I concede that half of this is my own problem; I am horrendous at parking (don’t get me started on parallel), but if you would only have parking lots, we wouldn’t be holding up traffic trying to find unmetered parking. And even when it’s unmetered, you have to move your car every two hours.

4) One way streets

This isn’t so bad once you familiarize yourself with the city, but it’s annoying as hell.

Conclusion) Berkeley is a sucky place to drive. It depletes my gas like no other.