It’s the sun sparkling from water and the sky that makes me squint my eyes until I can barely see. The feeling of sand scratching against my toes, and the coolness of water washing over my feet.

The water is clear, clearer than I have ever seen, bluer and greener. How can colors be so vivid?

Later, it rains, and I wonder at the sudden grayness and compare it with the sharp brightness of the sun.


The best part is the company. I think people can be happy anywhere, so long as they have their favorite people.

Sardines in the dark, kemps and nertz in the light. Truth or truth in a 3 hour long car ride. Sun burnt legs.

I don’t want to go back, but all things are fleeting.


Powee told me this today: you seem to be more inclined to see the difference, the particular, than to see the common, the universal.

I wonder if it is true.