I braved San Fransisco traffic today and went to SFSU to visit Justine today because she was feeling down and I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I resolved to change her eating habits and take her grocery shopping and teach her to cook! But I should have known that it would be futile–it was Justine after all.

I took Justine to this restaurant tonight, because it got pretty good reviews on yelp and Philip told me that Jeanette really liked it. Jeanette is super particular, so I knew it would at the very least be decent. We got beef stew noodle soup and beef with bell peppers. Both were good, albeit salty, but the beef noodle dish was especially good. I haven’t had good beef noodle soup in so long.

And then I remembered that my mom had packed me some that she had made. It’s sitting in the fridge at my workplace. I think I will eat it tomorrow.