Dan and I took Hege and Andrew out for Hege’s birthday and to thank them for letting me stay with them. We went to 6 degrees on Solano. I think it’s supposed to be Spanish with Italian influences–they had small plates as well as entrees. We got a variety of food: beet salad, paella, tortellini, ahi, and ceviche. (Ceviches are interesting; you leave seafood in some kind of citrus and it cooks the seafood.)

I decided that I don’t like staff that are overly friendly. It’s overbearing and misleading–or perhaps my own expectations are too high. I much prefer the rudeness of a Chinese waitress. At least I know where I stand.

(I say these things, but I’m not sure if I really mean them. I think human beings just like to complain.)

Afterward, we talked about the lives of politicians, rappers, and athletes. How their wives dealt with the fame, the money, the scandals. How rappers’ wives regulated like no other.

The general consensus was that there is something about power and money that makes people go a little crazy.