Jen invited me and Jess over for dinner on Tuesday. She made jajangmein–it was delicious! and afterward suggested that we watch a movie that she had Netflix’d. The movie was named Tokyo! and it was comprise of three short films, two by French directors, and the last by a Korean director.

1) Interior Design
A young couple tries to move to Tokyo. After staying at a friend’s tiny apartment, and unable to find a job, the woman in the relationship turns into a wooden chair.

2) Merde
Merde is the man from the sewers who performs dubious to heinous public acts in Tokyo. He dresses like a leprechaun and walks with a gait, while clutching his heart. He speaks a language that incorporates groans, clicks, and gestures. After getting arrested, he is sentenced to death by hanging, only to resurrect and disappear.

3) Shaking Tokyo
A recluse falls in love with a pizza delivery girl and ventures into the outside world to find her.

Needless to say, this was the strangest film I had ever seen. Merde was particularly grotesque. If you have the chance to watch it, I wouldn’t.

I enjoyed watching it though; I think the company and the collective feelings of shock and discomfort made it worthwhile.

Dan took me to see 500 Days of Summer last night. I loved the movie as a whole, but I especially loved Summer, the female protagonist/antagonist. She’s very cryptic in a matter-of-fact kind of way, takes care of herself and is no nonsense, but at the same time funny and quirky. I also liked the expression of her eyes and her mouth and the way she dressed. It was as if she belonged to a different time and place.

The male protagonist also looked like he belonged somewhere else, but that was because he dressed so preppy. It kind of annoyed me; I’m not sure what I think about boys and cardigans…I guess it depends on the boy.