It’s too sweet. The texture and consistency is good, but overall it’s too, too sweet. I think I’m too partial to plain yogurt now. Maybe I will buy a tub of plain yogurt and mix the two. Then it should be just right.

Before small group today, I hung out at Jeanette’s and rewatched Top Chef Masters. Food is so amazing–I feel so happy and satisfied after I eat. I was expressing this to Jeanette and we were both lamenting that dinner was so late and that we were hungry, that when I began to cook, she exclaimed at me, “You’re really healthy now aren’t you–you don’t even use oil, you just boil the vegetables!”

It is true. I don’t even really boil it, I just use a little bit of water and cook it for a little bit. When I cook for people, I add soy sauce and rice vinegar, but otherwise I eat it plain. Jeanette was even more astonished at this. “You don’t need to do that,” she said.

“But I don’t exercise.”

She stared at me awhile. “You should start exercising. Then you can eat food with salt.”

I laughed, but it made me wonder about myself and the extremities I go to sometimes.

I should just exercise.